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The Central DeWitt County Wildlife Management Association was organized in the summer of 1991 with the following goals in mind: To bring the majority of the acreage in Central DeWitt County under proven, successful wildlife management practices in order to:

  1. Make harvest recommendations for the managed area and individual ranches.
  2. Obtain accurate harvest records for the entire managed area.
  3. Gain better hunter/landowner relations and neighbor relations through education.
  4. Encourage “managing” instead of “mining” wildlife.
  5. Sanction predator control as needed.
  6. Be a non-profit organization.

No member is in any way obligated to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Cooperative Extension Service, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, or to the Central DeWitt County Wildlife Management Association. Each member may or may not agree with the recommended wildlife management practice. By becoming a member, one merely acknowledges the desire for implementing wildlife management practices to improve the quality or numbers of game on one’s property.

All interested landowners, hunters, or other parties in central DeWitt County are welcomed as members.


  1. This Association shall be called the Central DeWitt County Wildlife Management Association or CDCWMA.
  2. Members will accept the responsibility of being good land stewards. Their efforts should set an example by which neighboring properties seek CDCWMA membership.

Membership, Dues, and Funds

  1. The membership period is from September 1 through August 31 each year. Membership dues are paid in advance of this period, no later than the preceding Annual Meeting.
  2. Dues will be assessed each year according to the needs of the Association.
  3. Donations are always accepted, both designated and non-designated. Non-designated funds will be transferred to the Education foundation.
  4. A CDCWMA property sign will be given to each landowner/agent at the start of their membership. Additional signs are available at cost.
  5. Money collected from dues and donations are used in support of membership services. Additionally, excess funds can be deposited, at the discretion of the Directors, into the Educational Fund.
  6. All funds will be distributed by check.


  1. Six (6) directors of the Association will be elected to serve as the Executive Committee.
  2. Directors are elected during and commence their duties at the completion of the Annual Meeting.
  3. Two Directors will be elected annually to serve a three year term. Directors can serve two consecutive terms by re-election.
  4. After the completion of the annual meeting the Executive Committee will elect Officers.
  5. Officers will consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In the event a volunteer is willing to serve as Treasurer or Secretary, those duties may be performed by that volunteer. The volunteer will have no vote on the executive board. Additionally, the most recent past president will serve on the Executive Committee in an advisory (non-voting) capacity to help create continuity in leadership.
  6. Officers are elected for a two year term and can serve two consecutive terms.
  7. Two-thirds of those members elected as Directors must be either landowners, family members of landowners, or wildlife administrators.
  8. Two-thirds of the Directors must be present to conduct official business.
  9. Directors will receive no financial compensation.


  1. Each member has one (1) vote.
  2. Directors are elected during the Annual Meeting.
  3. Bylaws may be changed by a 2/3 vote of membership present at any called meeting following a 10-day written notification of the meeting.


Please contact us for more information or with any questions you may have.

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist with good land stewardship for the benefit of native Texas wildlife and to provide college scholarships to persons from DeWitt and neighboring counties.