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Our number one objective is working cooperatively as landowners and hunters to participate in Texas Land Management Assistance (LMA) Program to obtain antlerless whitetail deer hunting permits.

As a group we are required to conduct spotlight census lines on county roads established by TPWD. We can always use extra participation by our members. If interested in assisting, please email us at

Each individual member in the LMA program must turn in an Incidental Deer Sighting Observation count sheet for every property they have listed to receive antlerless permits. It is also required to report Harvest Data by April 1. Failure to do so will make you ineligible to receive antlerless permits the following year.

The link to Texas Parks and Wildlife Land Management Site (LMA) is: TPWD LMA Login

Note: You can not use Internet Explorer browser to log on to their site. Please use Chrome or Firefox.


Please contact us for more information or with any questions you may have.

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist with good land stewardship for the benefit of native Texas wildlife and to provide college scholarships to persons from DeWitt and neighboring counties.