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  1. 40% of the mature buck harvest will score 125 BC
  2. 80% fawn crop
  3. Buck Harvest Recommendations:
    • Only one mature buck per 500 acres
    • Antlerless by permit

Habitat Management Recommendations

  1. General:
    • Control and remove huisache.
    • Plant of maintain small clusters of brush at 130-yard intervals throughout open areas.
    • Implement a burn plan.
      • Cut and maintain twenty-foot wide fire lanes around fences and roadways.
      • Burn 20% of range land annually.
  2. Vegetation:
    • Disk areas prior to spring green-up to promote forb growth.
    • Disk areas on a three year rotation (one third of the strips each year).
      • Roadsides
      • Right-of-ways
      • Along fences
      • Strips in open areas
  3. Livestock Recommendations:
    • Rotational Grazing System.
    • Move cattle when no more than 50% of selected grasses have been consumed.

Supplemental Feeding/Food Plots Recommendations

  1. Plant 1 – 3 % of property in food plots. It is better to have 10 one acre food plots than 1 ten acre food plot.
  2. Plots should not be over 20 acres in size.

Population Characteristics

  1. Deer:
    • 1 adult deer per 15 acres.
    • Doe to buck ratio of 2:1.
    • 80% fawn crop.
  2. Coyotes:
    • Eliminate (Additional effort needed prior to May of each year).
  3. Feral Hogs:
    • Eliminate

Methods Used to Determine Population Density and Composition

  1. Incidental Observations (August)
  2. Spotlight Survey (August)

Records Management

  1. Harvest Data
    • The number of bucks and does harvested (Minimum data required to remain eligible for antlerless permits).
    • Reported and submitted on TPWD LMA Site no later than April 1.
  2. Incidental Observations (August)
    • Reported and submitted on CDCWMA worksheet, postmarked no later than September 1.


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Our Goal

Our goal is to assist with good land stewardship for the benefit of native Texas wildlife and to provide college scholarships to persons from DeWitt and neighboring counties.